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Greeting Cards Collection 2013/2014

The greeting cards collection 2013/2014/2015 of Fondation pour L’enfance Terre de Paix is now available.

This year again, a number of reputed Mauritian artists and photographer are supporting this initiative through their generosity in providing us with the best of their art works. Two of our children complete the collection of ten cards.

Our organization has, from one year to another, been very active in the setting up and running of still more services to the vulnerable child in Mauritius. We have extended our services to Grand Bay and La Valette; a Jardin d’Eveil is now on at Albion. All these structures aim at reinforcing the quality care children are in need of for their overall development.

Around 350 children are indeed benefitting directly from our services, 50 of whom on a residential program. Our community services have taken off well around agricultural self-help projects that still need to be further developed.

Your participation through the purchase of our greeting cards will surely contribute to help us meet our objectives of harnessing the resources for our action.

Greeting with a card from Fondation pour L’enfance Terre de Paix is indeed a meaningful action for each and every one

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No 1: Christian Bossu-Picat -
Out of stock

No 2: Yeshen Gunoo - out of stock

  No 3: Hansley Collet

No 4: Owen Cartrick   No 5: Vaco Baissac - out of stock
  No 6: Bernard Charoux


No 7: Yves David - out of stock
  No 8: Christian Bossu-Picat - out of stock
  No 9: Christian Bossu-Picat

No 10: Christian Bossu-Picat - out of stock