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youth home


Youth Home Project




The youth Home Project aims at providing the necessary conditions for children aged 14 and over to acquire more autonomy and independence.

Each youth home accommodates a maximum of six children and is managed by two youth leaders and a replacement youth leader. Much emphasis is placed on the work with birth relatives at the youth homes.





Vocational training and placement in employment as well are of great concern.

Number of residents:10

Age group: 13 - 17+

Personnel: 3 youth leaders and one replacement youth leader

Youth profile: children at this structure are involved in the following activities:

Open employment:
Sheltered workshop
Special school
Technical school
Mainstream school
Prevoc school
Junior youth leader





1. To provide them with necessary skills that would lead them to autonomy and independence
2. To reunify with birth relatives as and when feasible
3. To sustain efforts for further education and training
4. To look for placements in open employment

A community mode of life is encouraged.