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jardin d'eveil


Designed as a place of discovery that brings children closer to nature, the Jardin d’Eveil (literally “Awakening senses Garden”) combines nature and ecology, artistic expression and culture.


The financial assistance of Club Mediterranean enabled the Fondation pour l’Enfance to transform what had long been an abandoned and neglected corner of Albion into a small jewel, where children can take pleasure in learning about the world around them through play.




The garden is divided into a number of sections, some dedicated to the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) and others encouraging specific activities – exploration, discovery, play.


A guide leads groups round the garden to visit each special area, starting with the fruit trees in the To Taste section. Although still very young now, it is hoped that in time as the trees mature it will be possible for visiting children to taste some of the less familiar local fruits.


Nearby is a play area where children are encouraged To Explore a maze and underground tunnel.  The natural, grassed amphitheatre invites children To Express themselves, possibly through dance, theatre or song.


The To Discover section, created with the support of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, the Forestry Service and Medine Ltd, showcases endemic plants to acquaint the young with the native trees and shrubs that grow in Mauritius’ forests. A clock made up of different coloured plants and flowers, and a map of Mauritius in the colours of its national flag, are other interesting features.


A small nursery allows local children To Grow their own seeds. The To Feel and To Smell areas of the garden encourages children to touch certain plants and to discover their different aromas, while also learning about the medicinal properties of certain plants that can help To Heal.


The visit concludes in the To Play section where children can hone their skills on the mini-golf area or rediscover traditional Mauritian games.


The Jardin d’Eveil is open seven days a week to organised groups of children. Please either call (238 4196) or email Terre de Paix ( in advance to make arrangements. The facility is free to primary schools and NGO’s, while private schools and hotel Kids’ Clubs are asked to make a small contribution to help offset the cost of those employed to maintain the garden and act as guides.Click here to go to the brochure