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 Various means have been devised to enlist support for children specifically and the overall action of the organisation. Any person can become a partner in the development program of Terre de Paix.

 Here are a few of these means:



 1. Child Sponsorship


This type of sponsorship allows individuals or staff clubs to help a child out by financing his/her major expenses, e.g. purchasing the school materials and books for the school year for the child or children. 
The possibility exists to establish a sustainable relation with the child through a direct contact and follow-up by the person 
This sponsorship concerns mainly children at the residential services.

2. Support Members


 People are most welcomed to support Terre de Paix through a monthly donation according to their means. This one is known as the Support Membership program. 
Under this program, the support member fills in a sign up card and starts his supporting action by either sending us the donation monthly or for the whole year through our bank account.

3. Donation of in kind


 Companies indulging in products that may be of use at our services are invited to donate a number of items (food and other provisions, equipment, school materials). This type of support helps a lot in reducing our costs. In some instances, individuals as well organize to collect non-perishable goods that they donate to our organisation.

 if you wish to make a donation , kibndly send your cheque to '' Fondation pour l'enfance,Terre de paix'' to the follwing address




Terre de Paix 

Camp créole 

 telephone: 2384196

 fax: 2384196

email adress:

for donation Via Banking transaction : MCB - R-Hill 000033311641 - IBAN no MU43MCBL0903000003311641000MUR - SWIFT: MCBLMUMU