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greeting cards collection 2010

On ... for yet another boost of emotion...

Art feeds on emotions fuelled by solidarity. And the child's cause in particular has always gained momentum each time artists have rubbed shoulders with organisations involved in child care.

This year again, Fondation pour L'Enfance Terre de Paix is honoured to host and drive the crew of 20 of the most talented Mauritian artists in this now well-known SolidaritzArt initiative.

2010 has put our organisation in the limelight through a unique realisation of a developmental project in the field of early childhood. Artistic consideration was central to this initiative. Fine arts then came as 'la cerise sur le gateau' for the interior design and decoration. The results now stand proudly at the eyes of even the most skeptical people.


This collection mirrors well the deep scents of our Mauritian land and identity. Emotionally touching themes, an irradiating sense of communication and the marvellous, diversify-styled execution of the artworks are indeed characteristic of how best we can describe this collection which, this year again, welcomes a child-artist.

Income generated through the sale of our greeting cards has allowed our organisation to stand with dignity in the search of further support for the cause of vulnerable children and those in distress in our country. We wish to thank you for your contribution as an artist, designer (toolbox and audrey rose), paper supplier (MWT paper processing), printer (T-printers, MSM ltd), Paper Plus and consumer of our greeting cards.


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